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The Khiops Application (No-Code Environment)

Simplifying Data Science for Everyone

Welcome to the Khiops application download page. Our intuitive, user-friendly desktop interface is designed for those who may not be familiar with Python or scikit-learn, as well as for users who prefer the convenience of a standalone Graphical User Interface (GUI) for data manipulation. With the Khiops application, advanced data analytics is now just a few clicks away, together with easy system integration.

Download & Installation

To get started with the Khiops application, follow the relevant procedure for your operating system. Please click on the relevant operating system. For further details, you may refer to README.txt, and whatsnew.txt:

The Khiops installer automatically installs the Khiops application, all its dependencies, plus some data samples formatted as expected by Khiops, and the Khiops Visualization application.

The installation of the Khiops desktop application involves two packages:

  • khiops-core: This is a lightweight package without GUI, documentation or samples. It is intended to be used in advanced settings, on servers and Docker images.
  • khiops: This package requires khiops-core and is the full version of Khiops containing the GUI and the documentation.

You can install both packages as follows:

CODENAME=$(lsb_release -cs) && \
TEMP_DEB_CORE="$(mktemp)" && \
TEMP_DEB_KHIOPS="$(mktemp)" && \
wget -O "$TEMP_DEB_CORE" "${CODENAME}.amd64.deb" && \
wget -O "$TEMP_DEB_KHIOPS" "${CODENAME}.amd64.deb" && \
sudo dpkg -i "$TEMP_DEB_CORE" "$TEMP_DEB_KHIOPS" || sudo apt-get -f -y install && \

If you need the Khiops samples, you can run the following commands:

TEMP_SAMPLES="$(mktemp)" && \
wget -O "$TEMP_SAMPLES" "" && \
mkdir -p ~/khiops_data/samples && \
unzip "$TEMP_SAMPLES" -d ~/khiops_data/samples && \

Currently, our packages are released on GitHub. In the coming weeks, we will transition to official repositories.

You can find the all versions on the releases page.


For a comprehensive guide on how to use the Khiops application and its GUI:

For easy system integration:

  • Khiops Scenarios, based on recording and replaying Khiops scenarios in batch mode from any programming language."

Users of pre-10.2.0 Khiops versions should refer to the legacy Khiops web site

What You Should Know

You can consult the limitations or known problems for your operating system:


The Khiops installer relies on embedded installers for Java and MPI. Antivirus software may remove executable files (.exe, .jar) during installation. In this case, you should add exceptions to your antivirus software or disable it during installation.


The java installer results in a system reboot on some systems (e.g. on Windows Server 2008)


On some machines, re-installing Khiops may unexpectedly result in just discarding the existing Khiops installation directory. In that case, install Khiops again.