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Khiops Visualization

Simplifying Data Visualization

Welcome to the Khiops Visualization tool! It facilitates an in-depth exploration of your data. In a standalone desktop application, it provides an intuitive visualization of all analysis results, ensuring a streamlined interpretation of discovered patterns. Dive deeper into your data, leveraging the outstanding capabilities of Khiops, such as variable encoding, feature engineering, and parsimonious training.

Try or Interactive Demo

Download the Khiops Visualization Desktop Application

You can find all versions of the Khiops Visualization tool on the the following link or download the latest stable version for your operating system from the URLs shown below:

Download the Khiops CoVisualization Desktop Application

For users familiar with Khiops co-clustering, co-clustering analysis results ca be visualized with the CoVisualization desktop application. All versions of this application are available here. The latest stable version can be downloaded from the URLs shown below:


For a comprehensive guide on how to use the Khiops Visualization application: